Meet Courtney

As a seasoned and passionate wedding photographer serving couples in the Midwest and across the country, my art has a playful yet romantic and intimate quality. I bring a storytelling style and a well-trained eye to my work. I like my images to appear effortless, genuine and so candid that they may even feel accidental.

I, myself, am very relaxed, fun and energetic, adept at making people feel comfortable in front of my camera through conversation and dumb dad jokes. I combine my understanding of light with an understanding of people to create an experience for my couples beyond the photos.

"My style is often labeled clean, crisp and classic. I am drawn to simplicity and as such, naturally create work in the same manner"

Yes, the RCP business name is a play on my name and Rose Quartz the crystal!


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Home Design

My other creative passion is home design! I'm a 100% right brain dominant. I absolutely love to create--whether it's a home, a website or a document -- I'm a designer! This year my husband and I are building a massive addition to include a great room, master suite and two bedrooms to make room for our future family and I can't wait to make it beautiful!

Snacks on Snacks

There's not a single RC Wedding that occurs without me bringing my snacks along. I am a total snacker with Goldfish crackers being the #1 staple. Packed full of absolutely zero nutritional value, you'll find a baggie of these delicious buddies in my camera bag ready for any snack attack. I know my future children will thank me.

Marriage is Awesome

I still wonder to this day how I got such an amazing man to want to spend the rest of his days with me but I thank God every day for him! Jacob is the ambitious, hard-working, driving force that keeps our future in order. I'd be a hot mess without him. Married Sept 21, 2019, our love story is super fresh! *All about livin' that honeymoon phase for life!*


with a timeless style who sprinkles her unique personality throughout her life.


who believe that marriage is truly a blessing and want their images to strengthen their relationship even 20 years down the road.

the couple who loveS tradition

but aren't afraid to start their own. Because those make the best traditions anyway!


who cherishes the little things that make her day unique and personal 


who want a fun, relaxed photographic experience because you need a break from the hustle

I photograph for...



over pictures


I believe strongly in God's work and his plan for me and I know I wasn't given this gift to just take pictures. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle of emails, edits and blog posts but I continually aim my focus on the intention of my business and that is to serve others through the gift of photography. I believe I have been given this business and my gift for the purpose of serving others and bringing joy into my couples' lives! There is no greater feeling than seeing my work bring my couples and their families to tears! I leave wedding days with big hugs, kisses on the cheeks and a full heart knowing that I forever impacted two families! 

Rose Courts Photography is far from a transactional, one-and-done business. I'm not just another vendor that shows up on wedding day. When I arrive, it's always an excited hug from my bride because I'm more like family. My mission and focus to create relationships with my couples creates an experience they truly enjoy and a friendship that lasts far beyond the wedding day.