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a small town Indiana wedding photographer, third-wheeling snack queen and champagne enthusiast

Hey there!  I'm Courtney

behind the camera

What makes RCP different?

Well, me, of course!

I, myself, am easy-going, super fun and energetic! I make you feel comfortable in front of my camera through casual conversation, my hype-girl enthusiasm and endless supply of sarcastic and playful humor.

I combine my understanding of light with an understanding of people to create an experience for my couples beyond the photos. That's why my posing system is natural and light-hearted so that my couples feel like they hired their best friend to shoot their wedding.

I can't tell you how many grooms I've won over during the engagement session! I promise, portrait time will be the least of your worries on wedding day!

Are you into the Enneagram Types? I've discovered that my 7W8 type is an incredible asset on your wedding day and here's why:

I'm The Enthusiast (7) always seeing the glass as half-full, for example, when a bridesmaid stains her dress or all the groomsmen are stuck in traffic, I'll calm your nerves and any worries about your day. And I'm The Challenger (W8) being able to gently command authority when I need to, like with an overbearing, mother-in-law (nothing I haven't dealt with before) or a guest steps in my way to take pics with their cell phone. I basically go into mama-bear mode. I take you under my wing and become the protector of your emotions and make sure no one gets in the way of your happiness.

type 7 wing 8

flower lady


If I wasn't a photographer, I would be a florist. no doubt about it. Whether from a local florist or just from the grocery, I LOVE having fresh flowers in the house!

unapologetic snack queen


I am constantly snacking... like constantly.  And you will definitely catch me on your wedding day with my snacks on deck! Goldfish crackers, Cheez-its, fruit snacks, applesauce, string cheese... ALL THE SNACKS.

course junkie


I absolutely hated school. You couldn't PAY ME to go back to college. But I am absolutely obsessed with digital courses. I am serial course collector.

Lighting, Posing, Shooting, Editing, Branding, Digital Marketing, Business, SEO and more recently, course creation! 

New Girl, Schitt's Creek, Seinfeld


Interior decorating

spare time

Kayaking in summer, skiing in the winter


Express, The Loft, World Market

take my money

Reese's Cup Blizzard w/ chocolate ice cream


Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on things that are truly important


Newly engaged. Busy. Ready to plan a classy affair.

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You want bright wedding photos with a fresh, airy vibe that capture all of the moments of your day. You want timeless candids and authentic portraits. Your life is busy and you need a photographer who is attentive, quick to respond and well-organized. 

Well, guess what, you can check "book photographer" off your endless TO-DO list 'cause that's me!

Whether you're planning a classic Midwest wedding, an intimate elopement in the mountains or something completely different, I am so excited to hear about all the details of your dream wedding day! 

Let's talk about YOU

a few things i believe:

Photos don't belong on your phone. Or even in your gallery. They belong on your walls, taped to your mirror and in your heirloom album forever.

There is a special spot in my stomach only for ice cream. There is always room for ice cream. Always.

The lowest of valleys will teach you things that mountain tops ever will.

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Champagne should not be saved just for special occasions -- every day is a special occasion so pop the bubbly!


I wasn't just given this gift to take pictures. I believe strongly in God's work and his plan for me and I am confident that there is more to this passion than meets the eye.

It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle of emails, social media and blog posts but I continually aim my focus on the intention of my business and that is to serve others through the gift of photography. I believe I have been given this business and my gift for the purpose of serving others and bringing joy into my couples' lives! There is no greater feeling than seeing my work bring my couples and their families to tears! I leave wedding days with big hugs and a full heart knowing that I forever impacted two families! At the end of every wedding blog, you'll see me with my couples with the biggest and most genuine smile on my face! 

RCP is far from a transactional, one-and-done business. I'm not just another vendor that shows up on wedding day does their job and sends a bill. When I arrive, it's always an excited hug from my bride because I'm more like family! My mission and focus to create relationships with my couples creates an experience they truly enjoy and a friendship that lasts far beyond the wedding day. And fulfills my ultimate goal of creating a legacy.

over pictures

the portfolio

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