Why You Shouldn’t Settle On Your Wedding Photographer

May 29, 2019

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The number one regret that couples share about their wedding day is having settled on their wedding photographer.

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Indiana Wedding Photography

You’ve been dreaming of this day since you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with (and possibly since before that!) and it’s going to be as beautiful as you imagine! When planning your wedding budget, you need to prioritize what is most important. As a photographer AND a bride-to-be, I knew I wanted to invest in our memories. I have personally seen the not-so-pretty side of “You Get What You Pay For” Let me tell you a quick story:

Last summer, I was just getting into wedding photography. I had some education under my belt and I absolutely knew what I was doing. I truly had the confidence to capture someone’s best day ever. And not only that, I had a burning passion to get in front of those brides and grooms! 

I had a co-worker who was having a sweet courthouse wedding and thought “perfect, something not so extravagant to get my feet wet. So, I approached her, “Do you have a photographer for your day? I’d love to be considered!”  She didn’t and told me she’d think it over. I gave her a steal of a price (like, I’m talking a couple hundred bucks!) and kept my fingers crossed.

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Indiana Wedding Photography

It grew closer to her day and she never approached me with an answer, so I asked, “well, I actually have a friend who will do it for free”. The dreaded words every photographer has heard. I can’t tell you how badly us photographers want to come back and tell you all the things but we kindly take the high road and let it go.


Her best day ever came and went. Weeks go by and she approaches me, “I should have hired you. It’s been weeks and we haven’t seen any photos from our day. I ask if we can have some sneak peeks and she says she’s too busy. But I see on social media and posts about sessions she’s been doing in the meantime.” Fast forward to her finally seeing them, “There are no pictures of me and my new husband, it’s just a bunch of pictures of our daughter on the dance floor. Now those moments are gone. I shouldn’t have settled.”

I shouldn’t have settled.

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Indiana Wedding Photography

This story broke my heart and I don’t want it to happen to you. That “friend of the family who has a nice camera” who confidently told you they could be trusted with capturing your most precious memories failed you. Their lack of experience shows in that gallery. They may have saved you money, but did they save your memories? No. And now, those moments are gone.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. You’re not just choosing that someone to be there with a camera. You’re choosing the one person who will follow you around all day, get up close and personal, the one you will TRUST to capture each beautiful moment and every detail of your day. 

Each RC bride gets to enjoy every second of their wedding day because she has put her trust in the one person who makes her feel as though no moment will be missed while also feeling like one of her girls!  I’ll catch the tear your dad swore he wouldn’t let escape, every delicate kiss and smile exchanged between you and your new husband and even the look on his face when he sees his gorgeous bride-to-be for the first time.  

Being an RC Bride is more than just getting gorgeous pictures. The Rose Courts Wedding Experience has loads of guidance, planning guides (like my 80-page magazine-style guide seen below to help you plan a photography-friendly wedding day!), consultations and I won’t spill all the beans, but even a few surprises all along the way.

Fort Wayne Wedding Photographer Rose Courts Photography Indiana Wedding Photography

I’m not just trying to sell myself here. I’m trying to let every bride out there who is working on a shoestring budget to know that this $2,000 photographer will make your $200 gown look like a million bucks. That’s my goal every time I show up on wedding days and that’s exactly what I’ll do for you, girl.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Court

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