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...for the head-over-heels in love, capturing the happiness and love of best days ever

I absolutely LOVE weddings...the love, the excitement, the feminine details, the tears, the dances with dad, the portraits that take your breath away.... I love it all! This is such a joyful season for you and I am always so honored of be part of it!

If you want a someone who will preserve the beauty and joy of your day, make you feel completely at ease throughout the entire process while also not be bothered when you text at 10:23pm... “So do I send the flowers to the ceremony or where we're getting ready?” 

So we’re about to get real close and personal, after all, me and my camera are the only ones getting cozy underneath your veil besides your new mister so i think it’s important we get to know one another....  


hey there, gorgeous! i’m courtney!

Most About Me pages start like "I knew I wanted to be a (insert career here) since I was a baby". But that's not my story. I didn't know I wanted to be a photographer until I became one! And at this point in my life, I can't imagine NOT being one.

I got a camera because Jacob (hubby-to-be) needed photos for his construction business and my iPhone wasn't cutting it. I took portraits of my niece and nephew because my sister-in-law asked me to. I got into weddings because my friend needed a second shooter. I never thought I'd have the confidence to do the job...until now!

When I found Katelyn James, a nationally recognized wedding photographer and educator, I knew this was what I was meant to do. I took in every ounce of education I could get from her and now I'm not just taking pictures. I'm meeting the sweetest couples and building friendships with each and every one of them. I'm going on session adventures to capture the most exciting seasons! And to top it all off, I'm delivering timeless portraits of the RC Brides and Grooms. I wouldn't want my story any other way!  ...except maybe starting like 5 years ago ;)


My Story

One of the secrets to running a business that is personally fulfilling is to be connected to my clients! In order to do this well, I realize that I need to be the first to let y'all into my life if I ever want the privilege of being a part of yours! Doing this is the number one way to provide a trustworthy, enjoyable and memorable experience (and honestly make new friends, too!) I hope you find that we have some things in common and this becomes more than just a business relationship! So here we go! Pictured with me here is myself and my handsome hubby-to-be, Jacob! Isn't his "half smile" just perfect?! (insert several heart eyes emojis here)

beyond the camera

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we met

In 2014, Jacob and I met at a typical midwest gathering -- a bonfire. I had just gotten out of a messy relationship and was NOT looking for a new one. Jacob overheard me saying "all the good men around here are gone" and he felt the need to interject and tell me otherwise! He invited me over for dinner and after that, we spent the entire summer sharing 3-4 evenings a week together doing country stuff! It was fun but I truly thought this was a summer fling because before we met, my plan was to move out of my hometown and get a job in Indy.

chapter one

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i moved away

We still laugh about it today because I continued my plan to move away. I got halfway to Indy and transferred jobs to my company's HQ in Daleville and got an apartment in Muncie by my best friend! Before I left, Jacob FINALLY spoke up and said: "I kinda like ya" (why he didn't say that before I switched jobs and signed a lease...we'll never know). So we decided to do the long distance thing and he physically helped me move an hour away and I drove back on the weekends A LOT!

chapter two

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we built a family

After a year in Muncie, we decided that this was the real deal and I moved back. On the way back with Oliver (my cat) in my car, Rocco (his dog) in his truck, my car breaks down completely! So these two little families that we just decided to blend into one big family, squeezed into his truck and we started a new chapter! It just so happens, in that season of his life, he was building a house! He bought a 14-acre field and we (mostly me) designed every part of this house together and it is uniquely ours. VERY unique, in fact...we live in a barn!

chapter three

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he proposed

Fast forward a few years to Sept 10, 2018. Let me preface this story with Jacob is NOT a mushy guy. He's got a pretty tough exterior! So it was five days before my 29th birthday which also was my oldest friend's wedding that I was standing in. I came home from a 10-hour shift to candles and rose petals and immediately started crying! I stepped into the living room and he got down on one knee! I can't say anything through my happy tears but when he puts the ring on my finger, I laugh and say "that's the wrong hand". LOL pretty typical for us haha! We laughed and through my tears I nod my head YES!

chapter four

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we got married

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019  --  I have no words for how beautiful my wedding day was and my marriage has been just as beautiful since. I loved everything about the planning process and would do it all over again if I could. 

My wedding day style was just like my day to day style -- Classic. Timeless. Simple. I had a large white brick building as a backdrop for all the gorgeous greenery we could afford!

It was an absolutely magical day and would live it every weekend if I could!

chapter five

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more faves

Imagine modern farmhouse meets....  no, that's it.
Just neutral, bright + airy farmhouse!


a few of my favorite things

Holy moly I've become addicted to these things. I buy them at Costco in the giant bag so I don't run out too quickly haha!

Veggie straws

a few of my favorite things

If I wasn't a wedding photographer, I think I would be a florist because I love to grab the flowers at the grocery store and put them into a pretty bouquet myself!

fresh flowers

a few of my favorite things

MY FAVE SHOES EVER. Literally the only shoes I wear, all the time. Super comfortable, machine washable, and made from plastic bottles! Click below for $20 off your first pair!

my rothy's

a few of my favorite things


I heard about Stitch Fix when they first started and I fell in love! I hate shopping for myself. Plus they always send me things that no one is wearing!

stitch fix

a few of my favorite things

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At the end of the day the flowers will wilt, guests will go home, the music will fade and your dress will be put away. I love that I give you something you can ALWAYS go back to. Something you can hold in your hands and remember every beautiful moment of your favorite day. Something you can get out every anniversary and think of it as just yesterday! Something you can show your grandchildren some day and say "this is where it all began". I LIVE to serve my clients and deliver the sweetest gift of memories.

what I do

why i do