I do believe a toast is in order!


If someone hasn't already, I'll be the first to pop the champagne for ya 'cause girl, it's your turn!

But before you get that pretty little planning binder out or follow all those drool-worthy wedding Insta profiles … I ask you to STOP!  Take a moment...love on your honey a few extra times and enjoy this season of engagement because before you know it you’ll be cleaning that shiny new rock and BAM!... you’ll be married!

You want your love captured so genuinely that when you look back you get ALL THE FEELS 

You may have found just who you're looking for if...

...like the feels you get when your hubby wipes a tear seeing you for the first time or how ‘bout that gorgeous smile of yours when he twirls you around in your gown

You want a photographer who has your best interests in mind in EVERY aspect of your day...

You may have found just who you're looking for if...

'cause honestly, you should feel like the queen you are from the moment he got down on one knee to the sparkler exit!

You want a photographer who isn't so busy with 30 other weddings 

You may have found just who you're looking for if...

that you feel forgotten. You want to feel well taken care of and know your photographer is EXCITED about your day! Someone who thrives on wedding days!

You want to feel comfortable in front of the camera and not like a couple of awkward teenagers at a middle school Christmas dance

You may have found just who you're looking for if...

All RC Couples feel like they’re not photogenic but I promise you YOU ARE and I’ll know all the ways to your best smiles and most genuine laughter!

You don’t want that first “hi” to be on wedding day with fingers crossed they'll do the job….

You may have found just who you're looking for if...

You want a relationship, not a “get in, gimme your money, get out"... You’ll know during your engagement session that I will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and capture genuine emotion.

You’re not just choosing that someone to be there with a camera. You’re choosing the one person who will follow you around all day, get up close and personal...the one you will TRUST to capture those beautiful moments and every detail of your day. 

After a whirlwind of planning, the last thing you want to do is worry or make a single decision! Each RC bride gets to enjoy every second of their wedding day because she has put her trust in the one girl who makes her feel as though no moment will be missed while also feeling like one of the girls… her photographer (me!)

I'll catch the tear your dad swore wouldn’t escape, every delicate kiss and smile exchanged between you and your best friend, the look on his face when he sees his gorgeous bride-to-be for the first time.  

Look at your hubby-to-be

we both know you're not one to settle

I will squeal in excitement with your girls when you slip into your dress. I will cry when you walk down the aisle to your best friend. I will hoot and holler when you share your first kiss as husband and wife and dance with you as you celebrate this joyful day!

And when all is said and done, I will deliver a collection of joyful, genuine and timeless images that preserve the happiness and beauty of your day forever. 

so let's not start now.

I’ll capture every moment and take precious care of them
And after you return from your luxurious honeymoon they’ll be waiting for you to prove it wasn’t all a beautiful dream.

Up next: Save your date

Wedding photography is NOT one-size-fits-all! I serve a very specific type of bride who recognizes that the photos of herself & her new groom on their special day are more than just pretty pictures. She's looking for an incredible EXPERIENCE! RC Brides can trust that I will take care of them from the start and they know that nothing will be missed!  The first step towards working with me is determining if I am the perfect fit for you! After getting to know you online, I’ll determine if we’re a match made in heaven and then we’ll move on to the booking process!


step one:
let's be friends

The Process

Up next: Engagements!

Yay! You were made to be an RC Bride! Now let's make sure your date is safe and secure so that you can get the Wedding Experience!! I’ll send you the contract where you can review your details then pay your booking fee to make everything officially official! And when you’re an official RC Bride & Groom, it’s time to get started!!


step two:
save your date

The Process

Up next: Timeline talk

Let the fun begin! After you book, we’ll schedule your engagement session. And don’t worry... I'll teach you EVERYTHING! I thrive at helping my couples get comfortable and feel like themselves in front of the camera. After the first 15 minutes of your session, you will be pros! GUARANTEED. I’ve NEVER had a couple not feel at ease! Even if you think you’re not photogenic or if your fiancé “hates having pictures taken”, you will be killing it in no time! That’s all the time we need to get rid of nerves and start capturing the joy of this new season of your life together! 


step three:

The Process

Up next: Your Wedding!

About 4 months out from your big day, I like to get in touch with my brides to make sure that we’re prepared and ready for your wedding! I love creating custom timelines for my couples to ensure that you don’t miss out on your dream wedding photos! You know all of those dreamy portraits, fun friend shots and detail images that look like they are straight out of a magazine??? I work with my couples to plan their day so that they can actually have images like that of their OWN! So let me be part of your timeline planning and we'll create the perfect timeline for a photography-friendly wedding day!


step four:
timeline talk

The Process

Up next: gallery + album design

It’s here! It’s time to celebrate, relax and let me get to work! This day is going to be a blur to you so I make it a priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the moments in between in a creative & unique way. After the big day, you’ll be featured on the RC BLOG the following TUESDAY! Unlike other photogs in the area, I don't keep my couples waiting because I KNOW you're anxious to see them! The blog will showcase my favorites of your day which is usually 45-50 images!


step five:
your wedding day

The Process

I'm ready to be an RC Bride!

After your wedding day is over, you will receive an online gallery full of all of your wedding memories! HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of them! I encourage my couples to sit down with a glass of wine the night that their gallery goes live and enjoy reliving their wedding day through their images! Soon after your gallery is delivered, you will receive your album design (if you ordered one) and you can begin the customization process! So are you in???


step six:
gallery + album

The Process